Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Guide to Living in Costa Rica!

    • Welcome!

    • What's in store for you...

    • Evaluating Your Move & Life Values

    • Choosing an Area Right for You

  • 2

    Preparing for Your Move

    • Your Pre-Move Check List!

    • Budgeting for Costa Rica - VIDEO WEBINAR

    • What to Bring & What Not to Bring to Costa Rica - VIDEO WEBINAR

    • Bringing your Pets to Costa Rica from the USA & Canada

    • Shipping Items to Costa Rica From USA and Canada

    • What about keeping up with taxes in your home country?

    • Expat Facebook Groups for Costa Rica

    • Handling the First Few Weeks of your Move

  • 3

    Your Visa, Border Runs, & Residency

    • Entering & Exiting the Airport & Your Visa

    • Renewing your Visa | Border Runs

    • Filing for Residency in Costa Rica with Residency Lawyer Andres Gomez | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    • How to Renew or Replace your Passport

  • 4

    Every Day Living in Costa Rica

    • Banking, Transferring Funds, Pension, & Loans!

    • How to Send & Receive Mail + Ordering Items Online

    • How to pay your Rent, Utilities + Internet

    • Staying Safe in Costa Rica (Crime)

    • Permaculture, Leaving your Farm & Valuable Tips with Jason Bliss | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    • Wildlife, Plants & How to Stay Safe

    • What to do While your Away from your Home in Costa Rica

    • Transportation Options in Costa Rica

    • Long-Term Car Rentals

    • Purchasing & Owning a Car & Repairs

    • Driving in Costa Rica & Getting your Costa Rican Driver's License

    • The "Downsides" to Living in Costa Rica

    • Schools for Expat Kids in Costa Rica

    • Integrating into Tico Culture

    • Starting a Corporation in Costa Rica

    • Renting a Home in Costa Rica

    • Working & Making Money in Costa Rica

    • Meeting other Expats in Costa Rica

    • Kids & Family Activities in Costa Rica

    • Learning Spanish

    • Wi-Fi in Costa Rica

    • Buying Food

    • Using your Phone in Costa Rica

  • 5

    Medical Care & Insurance in Costa Rica

    • Medical Care Options

    • How the CAJA Works

    • Insurance in Costa Rica - Medical, Home & Car with Insurance Broker Freddy Pacheco | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    • Dental Care in Costa Rica with Dentist Alberto Gonzales Chacon | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    • Maternity Care & Giving Birth in Costa Rica with Doula Jamie Satori | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

  • 6

    Exclusive Expat Interviews

    • Expat Interview with Tijo

    • Expat Interview with Kerri

    • Expat Interview with Nicole Gayatri

    • Expat Interview with Lisa

  • 7

    Purchasing Property in Costa Rica

    • Purchasing Property in Costa Rica

    • Real Estate Tax Attorney Interview with Rudolfo Herrera | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

  • 8

    Your Next Step!

    • Set up your call with me!

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    Ongoing FAQ

    • Frequently Asked Questions

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